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Hammer Visual Engineering


For the last five years Hammer Visual Engineering and Hammer Data Systems, LLC. have been deeply involved with Lantica Software LLC. Lantica is developing a database management product called "Sesame". Sesame is a Q&A compatible DBMS with a strong emphasis on ease of use. If you have ever used Q&A or are using Q&A now, Sesame is likely to be of interest to you. Even if you have never heard of Q&A, but are interested in an easy to use, small business oriented database system, Sesame might be what you are looking for. Sesame's features include:

Hierarchical Records and Forms
Form Based Database Design
Graphical User Interface Based on FLTK
Cross Platform Between NT, 2000, XP, ME, 98, 95, and Linux
Q&A Database Conversion, including Forms, Q&A Basic, and Specs
Client / Server Architecture

Lantica Software, LLC proudly announces that it has released its new Sesame database management system for public sale on December 15, 2003.

Exciting product features include:

I've put up some Animated Screenshots of Sesame in action, performing some common database tasks. These are streaming animated GIFS, ranging from 100K to 600K in size.

A free trial version can be downloaded from the Lantica web site.

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or EMail:
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