Cow House Productions was founded in January 1996 by Mark Lasersohn, a software engineer with 14 years of professional experience. It has been the mission of Cow House Productions to provide inexpensive high quality computer graphics, animation, video, web pages, graphics programming, and multimedia presentations for businesses, individuals, and organizations. Since its inception, Cow House has produced animations for Elsag Bailey Process Controls, The Health Museum of Cleveland, and Config.Sys Productions. Cow House has also completed graphics and graphics programming for Elsag Bailey, The Health Museum of Cleveland, Modern Computing Concepts, Config.Sys Productions, Split Travel, Mike Sutilla, The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Interactive Multimedia, A. Emanuel Internet Marketing, Healthy Referral, and SGS Computer Corporation. An image produced by Cow House Productions was used as the front cover of SGI's Silicon Studio Training Catalog, for two years in a row.

Cow House Productions has since entered into a partnership with Hammer Data Systems, one of the finest applications programming companies in the country. Together with Hammer Data Systems we have completed projects for Virtual Nights Inc., Hard Parts Computers, National Camp Association, Termini Brothers, Isometrix Inc., Inspection One, MHQ Municipal Supply, PCTA, as well as projects for Aztech Consulting and their extensive client base.

Currently, Hammer Visual Engineering is heavily involved in the design and development of the follow-on product for Q&A DBMS, code-named "Sesame". Mark Lasersohn and Erika Yoxall are both members of Lantica Software - the company producing Sesame. Erika also sits on the board of directors. Sesame is a Q&A compatible DBMS with a strong emphasis on ease of use. To read more about Sesame and Lantica - see Lantica Software LLC

Hammer Visual Engineering looks forward to future projects from all of the Cow House Productions clients, the newer Hammer Data Systems clients, and towards new projects and clients throughout the world. All may rest assured, that the quality, competitive pricing, and attention to detail that has been the hallmark of Cow House Productions, is now immeasureably enhanced by this partnership. Hammer Visual Engineering can draw on far greater resources for time, material, and personnel, and yet retains the personalized service long associated with the Cow House name.

Hammer Visual Engineering uses Silicon Graphics Workstations running SoftImage, Vertigo3D, VRMLPro, Renderman, Rayshade, Radiosity, POV, BMRT, OpenGL, OpenInventor, IrisPerformer, and dozens of PD software packages and APIs, to produce 3D animations and interactive graphics programs. Finished animations are recorded using broadcast quality BetaSP VTRs, or can be delivered in MPEG, Quicktime, or SGI Movie formats.


3D Modeling Animation Interactive Simulation
Custom Programming CGI WWW
Rendering Video Effects Image Manipulation
Digital Audio Desktop Publishing Morphing
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. . .
Advertising Promotional Video Instructional Video
Fly-throughs Design Visualization Industrial Simulation
Web Pages Print Layout & Design Scientific Visualization
Multimedia Presentations Titles Digital Retouch
Restoration Architectural Visualization Legal & Accident Simulation
Rapid Prototyping Music Video Flying Logos
Documentation Special Effects Kiosks
Graphical User Interfaces Historic Recreation Charactor Animation
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Operating Systems, APIs, and Languages
Windows95/98 WindowsNT Windows 3.1
Digital Unix ULTRIX BSD
X11 OpenGL OpenInventor
IrisPerformer Dore Renderman
Vertigo3D VRML Softimage
Java Perl JavaScript
Smalltalk Lisp Python
Unix Shell Assembly Lex / Yacc
Fortran Basic Forth