In your mind's eye the design is clear. It is precise. It meets and exceeds your client's expectations and requirements. You see what your client, who is not a designer, cannot see. The project may be months (even years) away from something they can really understand. They are one side of the threshold and you are on the other. How do you bring them across, so that they too can see what you have envisioned? Sketches, blueprints, and technical drawings can only bring them so far. You need to take them a step further, right into your ideas.

Hammer Visual Engineering provides 3D walkthroughs, design animations, and broadcast quality video tapes that allow you to bring your client right into your design. You can show them details and viewpoints with photographic realism, and yet retain the flexibility to change everything from colors and textures to the very foundation of your design. Whether you need to visualize how parts will fit together, how a client might interact with an interface, or how a building compliments the site, you are able to put the client right into your design and share your perspective. And you can do so for far less money than you ever imagined. Don't let your vision be a secret.

Discover what Silicon Graphics Inc., Elsag Bailey Process Controls, The Health Museum of Cleveland, IDX Design, Modern Computing Concepts, Downrange Video Productions, Virtual Nights Inc., Hammer Data Systems, Pinzone Engineering, and many others - have now known for years: Hammer Visual Engineering provides the highest quality at the lowest prices.