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for Systems and Application Programming

Systems and application programming isn't about ones and zeroes anymore. Not according to your end user anyway! Clients expect even the simplest web page or utility to be intuitive, interactive and attractive. They want to be able to communicate their needs to you easily and clearly. They want to see what you're thinking.
Hammer Visual Engineering specializes in visual and interactive programming. We create interactive flythroughs that bring your designs to life. We build sensible, practical user interfaces that combine solid functional design with the visual tools and controls users expect from a modern application. Simulations that make your concept real. Attention-getting web page graphics, animations and CGI for informational and commerce sites. Design visualization and prototyping.
Hammer Visual Engineering designs and programs user interfaces for use with Windows 95/98/NT, X/Unix, web pages, and database applications. We make a careful assessment of your requirements and prepare a requirements specification with recommendations to help determine the approach you want to take. Whether that be an application or systems solution, HVE offers over 20 years experience and the best in both tools and talent to satisfy your needs and surpass your expectations. Our small business experience covers everything from web-based CGI shopping carts to bingo parlour embedded displays. Our large industry credits include sophisticated control systems, defense and weapons systems, cockpit simulation, and robotics control.
By the way, we know that sooner or later you'll need to integrate your interactive applications, use the data collected from your website internally or set up systems to manage your business, Through the cooperation of Hammer Data Systems and Hammer Visual Engineering, our capabilities also include application programming, database design and integration, and management information systems for small business.

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